The Tools and Software That Make AwesomeAPI Awesome

The Tools and Software That Make AwesomeAPI Awesome

We stand on the shoulders of giants here at AwesomeAPI. That’s how software development works after all. Someone builds a thing, and then other people use that thing to build something even better. You can’t get to the moon without first inventing the wheel. With that in mind, here are some of the tools and software that make AwesomeAPI awesome!

How Does AwesomeAPI Stay Connected?

We mentioned it before, but we are a distributed team and that means we often rely on software to keep us connected and working towards a common goal. Let’s take a look at a few of our communication tools.

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Where would we be without Slack? Everything from birthday celebrations to catching up on the latest Marvel movies is all done through Slack. Oh yeah, we also use it to talk about work stuff too. This is our primary chat tool because it’s versatile, easy to use, and chock full of integrations.


We can use Slack to communicate, even over video, but Zoom is great for meetings small or large and pretty much everyone has Zoom. If we need to make a client call or do a demo, then we happily take Zoom out of our toolbox.


Have you heard of Monday? It is a unique organizational tool that is very adaptable. The best part though is that we can share our Monday boards with clients allowing them to see our work as we complete it and they can even interact with the process as it happens.


Project management can be done through Monday, and some of our lighter projects including things like the content that gets populated on this blog, make sense for Monday, but for all of our major project management, we turn to Jira. It’s customizable, full of integrations, and utilizes scrum and sprint workflows.

Google Apps

You always need one more spreadsheet, document, or email, and Google Apps just make those things work. It’s intuitive, fully featured, and surprisingly adaptable.

What Development Tools Does Awesome API Use?

Our developers are the heart of our company, and the tools that they use allow us to do some truly awesome things. Here are a few of the tools that we find ourselves using day to day.

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We already talked about communication between our team members, but what about communication and even automation between the tools we use? That’s where Zqapier comes in with multi-step-workflows, conditional logic, and data formatting. It allows us to automate our workflow freeing up our team members to tackle the tough stuff.


Even the best mechanic needs tools, and Postman offers the API tools that we need along with an extensive API repository, workspaces, and more to allow us to keep making all of our awesome integrations.


Where there’s software there are also going to be errors, and Sentry helps us monitor those errors with full stack traces and asynchronous context. Put it simply, when something does go wrong, Sentry helps us figure it out quickly and effectively.


Bitbucket is a Git tool that we use for source code management allowing us to track code changes and coordinate work. Git is great, but a Git tool that integrates seamlessly with Jira is perfect for us.


As a collaborative design tool, Figma is nothing short of impressive. When we need to build something, and we need it to look great—such as our website—our designer builds it all out and gets it in a Figma file which is easy for our developers to work from. Programmers and designers communicating together? We know, it seems like science fiction, but Figma makes it a reality.

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The Machine That Builds the AwesomeAPI

Whether you are a software company or a construction company, your greatest accomplishment isn’t your product, but it’s how you build that product and the tools that you use to put it all together. The tools in our toolbox may change, just as our product may change, but it’s how our amazing team puts those tools to work that is going to make all the difference in the end. Find the right tools and the right people and suddenly everything becomes possible. Even a unified API.

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