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What is the Shift Digital Lead API?

Shift Digital Lead API tools are powerful, but juggling multiple integrations across different OEMs can turn those powerful tools into a development liability. If only there was a way to consolidate all those integrations into one spot. With over 10 Shift Digital OEM Lead integrations under our belt and more coming soon, AwesomeAPI has a solution.

How does AwesomeAPI help?

Routing leads through to the proper OEM program can be messy, but once you are integrated with AwesomeAPI, you can just send all your leads our way. We will take care of all the custom routing to ensure that every lead gets to the right place. Leads can make or break a business, don’t risk them getting lost in the noise.

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Lead Augmentation

Awesome Lead Augmentation

How many times have you wound up with a lead that was misclassified and without vehicle attribution? At best, those leads are a hassle, and at worst they are a missed opportunity. AwesomeAPI can read the source of a lead to ensure proper classification and vehicle attribution every time.

Lead Routing

Lead Routing Made Easy

Understanding the custom routing rules of each OEM makes lead routing not so awesome. AwesomeAPI makes it easy. Our API handles all the custom routing so that each lead goes to the right OEM and to the right dealer. AwesomeAPI can even provide lead forwarding direct to email. Make your lead/.l routine Awesome!

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Let us take care of the integrations and you can focus on your product.